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Here is my updated portfolio with articles, blogs and other forms of content I have recently written for my clients. Please drop an email should you need more samples or want me to write a custom test content on your given details.

About me and the services I offer

Hey there!

I am Abbas Soni, a professional freelance content writer, and I believe you are a committed individual striving hard to take your brand or business to the pinnacle of success and growth.

Well, if you are as I believe you are, I can be of great value to you! I introduce myself as a tailor who can intricately weave words to create an aesthetically appealing outer appearance for the functional and operational body of your business.

I take precise measurements of all aspects of your business and accordingly sew a well-fitting suit of engaging and readable content with colorful threads of words and phrases, tailored to make your business appear desirable in the eyes of the viewers.

With 3 years of hands-on, relevant freelance content writing experience, I have written,

-Plagiarism free

-Proofread, free from spelling and grammatical errors

-Well-organized and structured

-Credible, well-researched, creative

-Consistent, SEO optimized

Content for niches and industries such as, healthcare, marketing, digital arts, digital marketing, e-commerce, utility services, exports, sports, real estate, financing, fitness, food, education among many others.

I can deliver crisp, emotionally connecting, SEO optimized content that can help you manifoldly scale up the sales of your business

Reach out to me if you want high-quality content for:

-Blogs and articles

-Marketing copies


-Promotional messages

-Flyers, brochures and infographics

-Product descriptions

-Social media posts


I specialize in complete website content writing and copywriting.

Have a freelance project you want to discuss with me? Drop an email at

Let's connect and work on amazing things together!

What's the harm in connecting? 😉

Don't worry! I will talk to you in layman terms. I also converse in Hindi. 

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